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“Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

Who are we?

We are your Fulton County Special Olympics! Our teams are the Jaguars. We are hard working athletes that enjoy the competition of playing sports. We enjoy winning, but most importantly we enjoy good sportsmanship, and making new everlasting friendships through the game of sport!

Do I Qualify?

Special Olympics Inc. has outlined the following rules in eligibility to participate in Special Olympics: Every person with an intellectual disability who is at least eight years of age is eligible to participate in Special Olympics. There is no maximum age limitation for participation in Special Olympics. The minimum age requirement for participation in competition is eight years of age.

Participation and Expectations:

Our athletes represent Fulton County. Therefore, appropriate and responsible mannerisms are expected to maintain the quality and reputation of FCSO. Irresponsible behavior such as yelling,fighting, swearing, displaying poor sportsmanship,or disregarding standard rules will not be tolerated. Any hostile or negative behavior directed at a coach, other player, volunteer, or chaperone (from Fulton Co. or other counties) will not be tolerated. No warning is needed to suspend an athlete for this inappropriate behavior.


What Sports Do We Offer?

Currently, FCSO offers nine different sports. Below, each sport is laid out in which the time frame of each season typically is.

  • Basketball: Basketball is our most popular sport, normally having around 40 athletes between three teams! Practices normally begin in December with games running through the end of March, depending on the team’s run in the State Tournament! (Dec.– March)
  • Pep Squad: During basketball season our pep squad cheers on the teams! We occasionally compete in summer cheer competitions as well. (Dec.-March)
  • Bowling: We offer both spring and fall bowling. Spring bowling: (March– April) Fall Bowling: (Sept.– Oct.)
  • Volleyball: Volleyball occurs in the Spring, and is one of the sports teams we take to Summer Games in Columbus! (April– June)
  • Track: Track runs throughout the Spring, and is the other team we take to Summer Games! (April-June)
  • Softball: Also has a team State Tournament, so the season could run up to the end of September. (July- Sept.)
  • Golf: (July-August)
  • Soccer: We are at the beginning stages of the Soccer team, so the season is focused more on skills. (Sept– Oct.)
  • Flag Football: NEW in 2019, Flag Football. (Sept-Nov.)
  • Swimming: Swimming will begin in November and runs through the beginning of December.


Participation Requirements:

Participants must have a current Application for Participation on file in the Special Olympics office. This application is good for 3 years. It must be filled out correctly and signed by a doctor when getting the athlete’s physical done. You will receive at least one month’s written notice before the expiration date. It is your responsibility to schedule an exam with a doctor and return a new form to the office. If there is a lapse between the expiration and the new physical date, you will not be permitted to participate.

Various Extracurricular Activities:

Throughout the year we offer various extracurricular activities including fundraisers,celebrations, and other events.
Crowning our 2019 homecoming king, queen, prince,and princess. Homecoming is a fun event that the athletes look forward to all year! The Jaguars go to Columbus every year to compete against athletes all throughout Ohio. The Jaguars have a float for the Delta Chicken Festival parade.


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